Ways to secure email

If you want to secure your email is absolutely necessary to adopt some of your email tips. Email is not a completely secure. This may be dangerous for both your privacy and computer. If you want to extend securities of your emails then you’ll need to take some remedy.



Not necessarily that you will take much information about technology. But giving certain main things you can determine the security of your email.

1. Choose a good password

However, many people claim choosing a good password for own email accounts. But they make password of her child's name or birthday is also. If it’s a simple password is kept then any man can crack it with the help of some basic software.

2. Not open suspicious attachments

Sometimes you have arrives A right person 's email, foot fault may be dangerous attachments. If you send any documents, photos or file name of the information is not feeling right, then do not download attachments. Computer may damage from open a fault file.



Hackers can send these files in form of image for have run dangerous code in your computer. If your email app loads the app image, then computer may become worse. So many email programs to automatically disable image loading feature. You need to download different – different images for every email.

3. Sand before thinking

If you are sending something from email that you do not want to continue on the Web then considered before email Sands. May be you are not completely sure about the security of e-mail; you don’t have any information about another side. Therefore be must careful. Your emails can be backed up or may be forwarded.

4. Do not send sensitive information

You email to needs for use only professional life not share for personal life. Many times very sensitive information is sent by mail, which can cause trouble later. Do not share your bank account and credit or debit card information to anyone on email. Refuse them if any asks for a user name and password to an email.



5. Login before thinking

Usually when we need to open the email account, we’ve opened the mail anywhere. Your home network is secure, but it can be dangerous for login to email account by public Wi-Fi or public computer.

6. To Factor Authentication

If you want to increase your email account security levels then include the Factor Authentication in your services. The two- phase authentication for services such as Google Drop-box and one-note. It requires a password to login and security code is sent to your mobile. After entering this code, you can log in to the email. Furthermore, after opening the email to log out every time.



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Technology Facts

Mac computer virus cannot ever

Apple advertise his Mac computer in such a way that these viruses cannot come in any situation in starting. Windows computer for viruses in the whole world came to be dangerous . But the situation began to change. This situation occurred in 2012, when the attack on an Apple Mac computer by aTorzen then Apple needs to change its marketing page.