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About Software:

The software is the most common part of the operating system. The software is the programs that are mostly divided into two parts.

1. Application software (Programs that user can change or remove it)

2. System software (auto installed programs that user cannot change or remove it.)

The Software is only part in the computer that we have to work. Computer cannot work without a software and programs.



Software Tricks

The software tricks are the concept to using software with sincerely. The software is the most useful applications for any pc. We used many applications in our pc like: antivirus, official applications, games etc.

Due to complexity of internet today so many fake software on internet. So that is very important to use the right software for your system. Otherwise, in the Internet world, we can easily become a victim of fraud.
Such to save from fraud we collect very important tips & tricks which make your work easier.



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Important Web Tools & Tricks



Popular Web Tricks

“If you want to secure your email is absolutely necessary to adopt some of your email tips. Email is not a completely secure. This may be dangerous for both your privacy and computer. If you want to extend securities of your emails then you 'll need to take some remedy. Not necessarily that you will take much information about technology. But giving certain main things you can determine the security of your email. ”