Became a social media master

Social media is very difficult to stay on top all the time. If you have more than one account, they are more difficult to handle. Know how to yourself should be made Social media master.



How to manage multiple accounts:

Today many people have multiple social media accounts. Posting the same thing in different networks takes many times. For this you need sign in to go to different-different sites. Some Network gives permits to join you with other networks. For Ex- You can connect Facebook to Twitter. Twitter permits you to join Facebook.

1. Every Post:

Interconnect method works well when you 're connected with Facebook and Twitter. If you use other social networks like as Google Plus, Pint-rest, LinkedIn and Tumbler then you need such tool, which could post together all. For this you can use Every Post ( This gives $9.99 service for a month.



2. Buffer:

This tool is helpful for Post Scheduled on multiple social networks. It’s free account allows you to join a profile of every network. It would have been enough for most users. It’s work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pint-rest. You can ten posts on every network. You can Attach Image; you can shorten your links and can post from email.

3. Klout:

This is connect with social medial account, or Analysis them and gives a rank. Its known your Influence level. This knows your influence score with connect to Facebook, Firefox, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your score will be high the effect will be higher.

4. Cyfe:

From this tool, can join all the social network for analytics. It’s have a dashboard view, which shows personal report along with the joint report in real time. It is a cloud-based service. This gives full info-graphic report of every social networking site. It can detect the influence of what posted. Free account only allows joining five social networks.



5. Pullquote:

This interesting extension of Google Chrome. You can share anything in 140 words. To the beginning create account by downloading extension. When you want to share an interesting text on Twitter then select it. Extension Tweets of selected text in form of image.

6. Warble:

On sign in twitter know it’s importance. Warble ( is free alerts service for Twitter. It tracks keywords, phrases and hash-tags used by you. It’s sends an email daily of useful Twitter things. It is a fantastic tool for discover things and people.

7. Facebook:

A Free Browser extension F.B (Fluff Busting) purity, remove every kind of problem from Facebook. If you consistently tremendously disturbed from Candy crash, Invites, unlike updates, astrologer opinion and non-sense updates, it can greatly help you. It’s compatible and free on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon web browsers. It has many useful features that may help view only, which just like you. You can disable the auto -play videos, we can remove the post and Trading Topics and can change the font and its size.



8. NutshellMail:

If you having fully trapped in web of the social networking sites, and several times check the updates on go to these sites, so that service can get relief from this. It is send to free digest emails. For Ex- New Facebook friend request, birthday reminders, status updates and will update about photos. It’s will tell you about Twitter that who do you follow and who do unfollow.

9. Hootsuite:

On this platform such tools are available which give facilities about listening, recording, analysis and collaboration. It can integrate more than 25 social networks. You can manage all networks from the single dashboard. You can replay in single click, you can update schedule for the right time, you can target post and can send numerous messages.



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Technology Facts

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Apple advertise his Mac computer in such a way that these viruses cannot come in any situation in starting. Windows computer for viruses in the whole world came to be dangerous . But the situation began to change. This situation occurred in 2012, when the attack on an Apple Mac computer by aTorzen then Apple needs to change its marketing page.