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Free online mathematical calculator with basic and scientific modes

How do I use this tool? [-]
How to use this tool

Use the Scientific Calculator for Calculate the simple mathematical Values..

1. Input the mathematical parameters.

2. Calculate the Simple Values

3. Get The Result Instant.

The results will be shown below.
Please note that you can use the simple mathematical functions like - sin, cos, tan, sqrt or log functions.
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Check Scientific Calculator:

Radians degrees

Mathematical Functions

Complex Numbers - (2+2i)*(3+3i)

Integral Calculus - int(x^2)

Differential Calculus - diff(x^2)

Equations - x^2+2x-1=9

Graphs - plot(sin(x),x=0..360)

Linear Algebra - (1, 2, 3)#(4, 5, 6)

Number theory - sum(x,x=1..10)

Percent - 100+5%

Standard Functions - sqrt(9)

Statistics - ncr(49, 6)

Trigonometry - sin(90)

Unit Conversion - 200m in cm

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