Knowledge engine A step further from Search Engine

As you know is the job of search engine, But on the Internet, we never - ever the search requires some advance. Especially students, For ex- What will be the value of sin22? Or what will be the value of x3+(x+7) – 22 for x=7?



Or Einstein was alive today, what would have been his age? Answer cannot be found such type of question on simple search engine. For this requires you scientific calculator, or need open particular website. Now these works for you can easily Wolfram alpha search engines.

Write your query and they give you the many answer is without clicks. It saves a lot of time and therefore it is called true partner of Student’s.

How to use Computation Knowledge Engine

Open Here you will see the same kind of query space as the general search engine. You write your query; it will make it accurate by suggestion. Then it will show the Solution from instant Feature. It is difficult, in some cases the answer will be followed by a click.



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Technology Facts

Mac computer virus cannot ever

Apple advertise his Mac computer in such a way that these viruses cannot come in any situation in starting. Windows computer for viruses in the whole world came to be dangerous . But the situation began to change. This situation occurred in 2012, when the attack on an Apple Mac computer by aTorzen then Apple needs to change its marketing page.